Main information about car part ASMET 28.001

Producer ASMET
Number 28.001 / 28001
Group End Silencer
Description End Silencer
Brake Disc; Bushing, driver cab suspension; Mounting Kit, exhaust system; exhaust system; exhaust system muffler, rear
Cross numbers BOSAL 171469
KIA KK11C40100A
KIA MB30340100
KIA MB30340100C
WALKER 15750

Car models which ASMET 28.001 is suitable for

PRIDE hatchback 1990-...
121 I hatchback 1987-1990

Analogue spare parts of ASMET 28.001

4MAX EXHAUST exhaust system muffler, rear
ASSO End Silencer
BOSAL End Silencer
FEBI BILSTEIN Bushing, driver cab suspension
FONOS End Silencer
GT EXHAUST End Silencer
HJS Mounting Kit, exhaust system
KIA End Silencer
KIA End Silencer
KIA End Silencer
KIA End Silencer
KIA End Silencer
KIA exhaust system
KLARIUS End Silencer
KLARIUS End Silencer
MAPCO Brake Disc
MTS End Silencer
OE End Silencer
OE End Silencer
OE End Silencer
POLMO End Silencer
SIGAM End Silencer
VENEPORTE End Silencer
WALKER End Silencer

The other parts with the same number "28001"

SPIDAN 28001 Propshaft, axle drive
SUPLEX 28001 Coil Spring
KILEN 28001 Coil Spring
FEBI BILSTEIN 28001 Bushing, driver cab suspension
MALO 28001 Engine Mounting
LEMFORDER 28001 Center Rod Assembly
SIDAT 2.8001 Control Valve, compressor
FISPA 2.8001 Control Valve, compressor
FONOS 28001 Catalyst Converter
WALKER 28001 Catalyst Converter
LUCAS ELECTRICAL 28001 Regulator, alternator
MAGNETI MARELLI 28001 Regulator, alternator
GERI 28001 Radiator, engine cooling
ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 28001 Pedal Lining, brake pedal
LUCAS 28001 Regulator, alternator
LOBRO 28001
FIAT 28001 Regulator, alternator
NISSAN 28001 Regulator, alternator
OE 28001 Regulator, alternator
RIK 28001 RING STD 86,0 3S-FE 1,5*1,5*4
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