Main information about car part BROVEX-NELSON 24.3170
Number 24.3170 / 243170
Group Accelerator Cable
Description Accelerator Cable
Cable, manual transmission; Shock Absorber
Car models which BROVEX-NELSON 24.3170 is suitable for
FIAT ARGENTA 2000 i.e.   (1981-1986)
Analogue of BROVEX-NELSON 24.3170
CABOR CABOR 193.6 1936 Accelerator Cable
CEF CEF FA04128 FA04128 Accelerator Cable
FIAT FIAT 4441279 4441279 Accelerator Cable
KAGER KAGER 19-3094 193094 Accelerator Cable
KAWE KAWE 24.3170 243170 Cable, manual transmission
KAWE KAWE FA04128 FA04128 Accelerator Cable
KAWE KAWE G25327 G25327 Accelerator Cable
MALO MALO 22247 22247 Accelerator Cable
MAXGEAR MAXGEAR 11-0340 110340 Shock Absorber
METALCAUCHO METALCAUCHO 81435 81435 Cable, manual transmission
OPTIMAL OPTIMAL GK-1041 GK1041 Cable, manual transmission
PEX PEX 13.0194 130194 Accelerator Cable
REMKAFLEX REMKAFLEX 24.3170 243170 Accelerator Cable
SPIDAN SPIDAN 42512 42512 Accelerator Cable
STC STC T481435 T481435 Cable, manual transmission
The other parts with the same number "243170"
KAWE 24.3170 Cable, manual transmission
VALEO 243170 Mounting Kit, ignition control unit
SIDAT 2.43170 Control Unit, engine management
REMKAFLEX 24.3170 Accelerator Cable
FISPA 2.43170 Control Unit, engine management
VOLVO 243170 Field Winding, starter