Main information about car part DT 2.65005
Producer DT
Number 2.65005 / 265005
Group Shaft Seal, wheel hub
Description Shaft Seal, wheel hub
Flex Hose, exhaust system; Seal, spring bush (spring eye); Shaft Oil Seal; Shaft Seal, crankshaft; Shaft Seal, wheel hub; Shaft Seal, manual transmission; Shaft Seal, wheel bearing; Washer
Analogue of DT 2.65005
AUGER AUGER 69285 69285 Shaft Seal, crankshaft; Shaft Seal, wheel hub
BOSAL BOSAL 265-005 265005 Flex Hose, exhaust system
CORTECO CORTECO 12011209 12011209 Shaft Seal, wheel bearing
CORTECO CORTECO 12011209B 12011209B Shaft Seal, wheel hub
DSS DSS 205009 205009 Shaft Seal, wheel hub
DT DT PB012 PB012 Shaft Seal, wheel hub
DT SPARE PARTS DT SPARE PARTS 2.65005 265005 Shaft Seal, manual transmission
REINZ REINZ 81-35122-00 813512200 Shaft Oil Seal
REINZ REINZ V968012 V968012 Shaft Oil Seal
SAMPA SAMPA 031.298 031298 Shaft Seal, wheel hub
STELLOX STELLOX 81-01145-SX 8101145SX Seal, spring bush (spring eye)
STELLOX STELLOX 89-01425-SX 8901425SX Washer
VICTOR REINZ VICTOR REINZ 803512200 803512200 Shaft Seal, wheel hub
VICTOR REINZ VICTOR REINZ 81-35122-00 813512200 Shaft Oil Seal
VICTOR REINZ VICTOR REINZ V968012 V968012 Shaft Seal, wheel hub
VOLVO VOLVO 968 012 968012 Shaft Oil Seal
WILMINK GROUP WILMINK GROUP WG1222724 WG1222724 Shaft Seal, manual transmission
WILMINK GROUP WILMINK GROUP WG1250169 WG1250169 Shaft Oil Seal
The other parts with the same number "265005"
KILEN 265005 Coil Spring
IMASAF 26.50.05 Exhaust Pipe
MAXGEAR 265005 Semiaxis VW T5 2.5TDI in gathering R
EVR 265005 Pusher
DT SPARE PARTS 2.65005 Shaft Seal, manual transmission
RUVILLE 265005 Rocker/ Tappet
BOSAL 265-005 Flex Hose, exhaust system