Main information about car part ELRING 016.571

Producer ELRING
Number 016.571 / 016571
Group Gasket, charger
Description Gasket, charger
Alternator; Seal, turbine inlet (charger)
Cross numbers AJUSA 01080000
AUDI 070145757
SEAT 070145757
SKODA 070145757
VAG 070145757
VOLKSWAGEN 070145757
VW 070145757

Car models which ELRING 016.571 is suitable for

TOUAREG closed off-road vehicle 2002-2010
MULTIVAN V mpv 2003-...
TRANSPORTER V Flatbed / Chassis (7JD, 7JE, 7JL, 7JY, 7JZ, 7F flatbed / chassis 2003-...
TRANSPORTER V Box box 2003-...
TRANSPORTER V Bus bus 2003-...

Analogue spare parts of ELRING 016.571

AJUSA Seal, turbine inlet (charger)
AUDI Gasket, charger
FA1 Gasket, charger
FARCOM Alternator
SEAT Gasket, charger
SKODA Gasket, charger
VAG Gasket, charger
VOLKSWAGEN Gasket, charger
VW Gasket, charger
WILMINK GROUP Gasket, charger
WILMINK GROUP Gasket, charger

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