Main information about car part ELRING 300.420

Producer ELRING
Number 300.420 / 300420
Group Gasket, exhaust pipe
Description Gasket, exhaust pipe
Shock Absorber
Cross numbers MERCEDES 6281420680
MERCEDES-BENZ 6281420680

Car models which ELRING 300.420 is suitable for

G-CLASS closed off-road vehicle 1989-...
G-CLASS Cabrio open off-road vehicle 1989-...
M-CLASS closed off-road vehicle 1998-2005
S-CLASS saloon 1998-2005
E-CLASS saloon 2002-2009

Analogue spare parts of ELRING 300.420

BOGE Shock Absorber
MERCEDES Gasket, exhaust pipe
MERCEDES-BENZ Gasket, exhaust pipe
WILMINK GROUP Gasket, exhaust pipe

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