Main information about car part FEBI BILSTEIN 42516
Number 42516
Group Anti-roll Bar Bushing Kit
Description Anti-roll Bar Bushing Kit
Bearing Bush, stabiliser; Bushing, selector-/gear lever; Mounting, manual transmission; Pillow ofstabilizer front; Stabilizer pillow; stabilizer sleeve; stabilizer sleeve {before.}
EAN 4027816425168
Car models which FEBI BILSTEIN 42516 is suitable for
NISSAN PRIMERA Estate 1.6 Visia   (2002-)
NISSAN PRIMERA Estate 1.8   (2002-)
NISSAN PRIMERA Estate 1.9 dCi   (2003-)
NISSAN PRIMERA Estate 1.9 dCi   (2002-)
NISSAN PRIMERA Estate 2.0   (2002-)
NISSAN PRIMERA Estate 2.2 Di   (2002-)
NISSAN PRIMERA Estate 2.2 dCi   (2003-)
Analogue of FEBI BILSTEIN 42516
A.B.S. A.B.S. 271274 271274 Bearing Bush, stabiliser
AYWIPARTS AYWIPARTS AW1411262 AW1411262 Bearing Bush, stabiliser
BLUE PRINT BLUE PRINT ADN18030 ADN18030 Anti-roll Bar Bushing Kit
FEBEST FEBEST NSB-P12F NSBP12F Anti-roll Bar Bushing Kit
FENOX FENOX BS10346 BS10346 Bushing, selector-/gear lever
GSP GSP 513297 513297 Anti-roll Bar Bushing Kit
JPN JPN 70Z1025JPN 70Z1025JPN Pillow ofstabilizer front
KAVO PARTS KAVO PARTS SBS-6589 SBS6589 Bearing Bush, stabiliser
KROSS KROSS 54613AU004 54613AU004 Anti-roll Bar Bushing Kit
LEMFORDER LEMFORDER I34070 I34070 Stabilizer pillow
LEMFORDER LEMFORDER LMI34070 LMI34070 Stabilizer pillow
LYNXAUTO LYNXAUTO C9037 C9037 Bearing Bush, stabiliser
MALCORP MALCORP JJ7125MP JJ7125MP stabilizer sleeve {before.}
NIPPARTS NIPPARTS N4271009 N4271009 Bearing Bush, stabiliser
NIPPARTS NIPPARTS N4271010 N4271010 Bearing Bush, stabiliser
NIPPARTS NIPPARTS N4271026 N4271026 Bearing Bush, stabiliser
NISSAN NISSAN 54613-AU004 54613AU004 Anti-roll Bar Bushing Kit
NISSAN NISSAN 54613AU004JP 54613AU004JP Stabilizer pillow
NISSAN NISSAN 54613AU005 54613AU005 Bearing Bush, stabiliser
NISSAN NISSAN 54613AV004 54613AV004 Anti-roll Bar Bushing Kit
NISSAN NISSAN 54613BA001 54613BA001 Bearing Bush, stabiliser
NOK NOK J71025NOK J71025NOK Stabilizer pillow
PATRON PATRON PSE2579 PSE2579 Mounting, manual transmission
SIDEM SIDEM 841833 841833 Mounting, manual transmission
STELLOX STELLOX 79-00812-SX 7900812SX Mounting, manual transmission
SWAG SWAG 82 94 2516 82942516 Anti-roll Bar Bushing Kit
TED-GUM TED-GUM 00467804 00467804 stabilizer sleeve
YAMATO YAMATO J71025 J71025 Anti-roll Bar Bushing Kit
ZEKKERT ZEKKERT GM-1220 GM1220 Mounting, manual transmission
The other parts with the same number "42516"
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