Main information about car part MALO 22450

Producer MALO
Number 22450
Group Accelerator Cable
Description Accelerator Cable
Cross numbers LANCIA 82427081
PEX 130336

Car models which MALO 22450 is suitable for

DELTA I hatchback 1979-1994
PRISMA saloon 1983-1992

Analogue spare parts of MALO 22450

BROVEX-NELSON Accelerator Cable
CEF Accelerator Cable
KAGER Accelerator Cable
KAWE Accelerator Cable
LANCIA Accelerator Cable
LECOY Accelerator Cable
MAURICE LECOY Accelerator Cable
PEX Accelerator Cable
REMKAFLEX Accelerator Cable
SPIDAN Accelerator Cable

The other parts with the same number "22450"

STANDARD 22450 Contact Breaker, distributor
WALKER 22450 End Silencer
FEBI BILSTEIN 22450 Hub Carrier Bushing
LEMFORDER 22450 Hydraulic Pump, steering system
FISPA 22450 Fuel Feed Unit
WALKER PRODUCTS 22450 End Silencer
INTERMOTOR 22450 Contact Breaker, distributor
EBERSPACHER 22450 Middle Silencer
SPIDAN 22450 Drive Shaft
DEX 22450 Brake Pad Set, disc brake
AURADIA 22450 Fuel Feed Unit
SERCORE 22450 Drive Shaft
NPS 22450 Exhaust System
OE 22450 Fuel Pump
CIA 22450 average muffler of exhaust fluids
TEMPLIN 22450 Brake Shaft
BSG 22450 Headlights. Tr. 2000-2006 RH fur.
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