Main information about car part MITSUBISHI 130280

Number 130280
Group Propshaft, axle drive
Description Propshaft, axle drive
Cross numbers MITSUBISHI 130280

Analogue spare parts of MITSUBISHI 130280

SPIDAN Propshaft, axle drive

The other parts with the same number "130280"

ACR 130280 Compressor, air conditioning
KAGER 13-0280 Bellow, drive shaft
METELLI 13-0280 Bellow, drive shaft
ELRING 130.280 Gasket, rocker cover
BU 130280 Charger, charging system
PEX 13.0280 Accelerator Cable
MITSUBISHI LONSDALE 130280 Propshaft, axle drive
ADRIAUTO 130280 Handbrake cable - Free catalogue of auto parts     Complaint & Feedback