Main information about car part NISSAN 37000JD000

Producer NISSAN
Number 37000JD000
Group Propshaft, axle drive
Description Propshaft, axle drive
Bearing, propshaft centre bearing; Suspension, drive shaft
Cross numbers NISSAN 37000JD000

Analogue spare parts of NISSAN 37000JD000

FEBEST Bearing, propshaft centre bearing
GSP Bearing, propshaft centre bearing
LYNXAUTO Suspension, drive shaft
SPIDAN Propshaft, axle drive

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RENAULT 37000JD000 Propshaft, axle drive
OE 37000JD000 bearing pendantpropeller shaft (Nissan Qashqai Uk Make J10F 2006) - Free catalogue of auto parts     Complaint & Feedback