Main information about car part OPEL 130116

Producer OPEL
Number 130116
Description SCHARNIER
Coil, ignition
Cross numbers OPEL 13583613

Analogue spare parts of OPEL 130116

MAXGEAR Coil, ignition

The other parts with the same number "130116"

METELLI 13-0116 Bellow, drive shaft
DSS 130116 Middle-/End Silencer
KLARIUS 130116 Exhaust Pipe
BU 130116 Charger, charging system
MAXGEAR 13-0116 Coil, ignition
HC-CARGO 130116 Armature, starter
TESH 130116 Exhaust Pipe
TIMAX 130116 Exhaust Pipe
EBERSPACHER 130116 Catalyst Converter
QUINTON HAZELL 130116 Exhaust Pipe
PEX 13.0116 Accelerator Cable
KAGER 13-0116 Bellow, drive shaft
GPD 130116 handle ofdoorlobby left (iron) Opel Askona, Kadett 78-83
ADRIAUTO 130116 Ganging cable
SAGA 130116 Traction steering side NISSAN
CARGO 130116 Starter rotor
REPSTAR 130116 Osushuvach, conditioner of FORD KA BJ. 96-03 - Free catalogue of auto parts     Complaint & Feedback