Main information about car part PEX 13.0522

Producer PEX
Number 13.0522 / 130522
Description Accelerator Cable
Gasket, rocker cover
Cross numbers BMW 35411154821

Analogue spare parts of PEX 13.0522

BMW Accelerator Cable
BROVEX-NELSON Accelerator Cable
CABOR Accelerator Cable
COFLE Accelerator Cable
ELRING Gasket, rocker cover
REMKAFLEX Accelerator Cable
SPIDAN Accelerator Cable

The other parts with the same number "130522"

METELLI 13-0522 Bellow, drive shaft
HITACHI 130522 Regulator, alternator
BU 130522 Charger, charging system
AIRTECH 130522 Boot, air suspension
HUECO 130522 Regulator, alternator
HC-CARGO 130522 Solenoid Switch, starter
MAGNETI MARELLI 130522 Brake Disc
HUCO 130522 Regulator, alternator
CARGO 130522 centre hub ofretractable relay ofstarter - Free catalogue of auto parts     Complaint & Feedback