Main information about car part SPIDAN 28005
Producer SPIDAN
Number 28005
Group Propshaft, axle drive
Description Propshaft, axle drive
; Brake Pad Set, disc brake; Cable, manual transmission; Clutch Cable; Drive pillow; Drive pillow right Opel Vectra B 96; Engine Mounting; Front Cowling; Gas Spring, boot; Mounting, automatic transmission; Mounting, manual transmission; Seal, air filter housing
EAN 4019064647690
Car models which SPIDAN 28005 is suitable for
DAF 44 Estate  
DAF 55  
MITSUBISHI Canter Canter 60   (1986-)
Analogue of SPIDAN 28005
A.B.S. A.B.S. 36156 36156 Brake Pad Set, disc brake
ASHUKI ASHUKI 107169A 107169A Engine Mounting
AUTOMEGA AUTOMEGA 130113710 130113710 Mounting, manual transmission
BBR AUTOMOTIVE BBR AUTOMOTIVE 006-30-01694 0063001694 Mounting, manual transmission
BENDIX BENDIX 046191B 046191B Engine Mounting
BIRTH BIRTH 5636 5636 Engine Mounting
BOGE BOGE 88-061-A 88061A Engine Mounting
BORG & BECK BORG & BECK BEM3343 BEM3343 Engine Mounting
BSG BSG BSG 65-700-171 BSG65700171 Mounting, manual transmission
CITROEN CITROEN 8731.F4 8731F4 Gas Spring, boot
COFLE COFLE 10.380 10380 Clutch Cable
CORTECO CORTECO 80000896 80000896 Engine Mounting
FEBI BILSTEIN FEBI BILSTEIN 03829 03829 Engine Mounting
FEBI BILSTEIN FEBI BILSTEIN 28005 28005 Gas Spring, boot
FIRST LINE FIRST LINE FEM3343 FEM3343 Engine Mounting
FORMPART FORMPART 20407193 20407193 Drive pillow right Opel Vectra B 96
JP GROUP JP GROUP 1217907180 1217907180 Engine Mounting
JP GROUP JP GROUP 880684670 880684670 Engine Mounting
KAMOKA KAMOKA 890020 890020 Engine Mounting
KAWE KAWE FL4269-J FL4269J Engine Mounting
LANCIA LANCIA 82353847 82353847 Seal, air filter housing
LEMFORDER LEMFORDER 25372 01 2537201 Engine Mounting
LEMFORDER LEMFORDER I25372 I25372 Drive pillow
LEMFORDER LEMFORDER LMI25372 LMI25372 Drive pillow
MAPCO MAPCO 36748 36748 Engine Mounting
METALCAUCHO METALCAUCHO 85080 85080 Cable, manual transmission
METZGER METZGER WMG666 WMG666 Engine Mounting
MEYLE MEYLE 614 684 0023 6146840023 Engine Mounting
MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI ML130276 ML130276 Propshaft, axle drive
OE OE 6146840023 6146840023 Engine Mounting
OE OE 8731F4 8731F4
OE OE 90496186 90496186 Engine Mounting
OPEL OPEL 0684670 0684670 Engine Mounting
OPEL OPEL 684670 684670 Mounting, automatic transmission
OPEL OPEL 90496186 90496186 Engine Mounting
OPTIMAL OPTIMAL F8-5370 F85370 Engine Mounting
PATRON PATRON PGS304490 PGS304490 Gas Spring, boot
PEX PEX 1213099 1213099 Engine Mounting
SCHLIECKMANN SCHLIECKMANN 684670 684670 Front Cowling
STABILUS STABILUS 304490 304490 Gas Spring, boot
STC STC T485080 T485080 Cable, manual transmission
SWAG SWAG 40 13 0039 40130039 Engine Mounting
SWAG SWAG 64 92 8005 64928005 Gas Spring, boot
TALOSA TALOSA 6106965 6106965 Engine Mounting
TALOSA TALOSA 62-06965 6206965 Mounting, automatic transmission
TRISCAN TRISCAN 8140 27201 814027201 Clutch Cable
TRISCAN TRISCAN 8710 38228 871038228 Gas Spring, boot
WILMINK GROUP WILMINK GROUP WG1392810 WG1392810 Mounting, manual transmission
WILMINK GROUP WILMINK GROUP WG1755630 WG1755630 Mounting, manual transmission
The other parts with the same number "28005"
GERI 28005 Radiator, engine cooling
KUHLER SCHNEIDER 28005 Radiator, engine cooling
LOBRO 28005
IMPERGOM 28005 Air indraft
KILEN 28005 Coil Spring
SUPLEX 28005 Coil Spring
WALKER 28005 Catalyst Converter
SIDAT 2.8005 Control Valve, compressor
LEMFORDER 28005 Center Rod Assembly
FEBI BILSTEIN 28005 Gas Spring, boot
FONOS 28005 Catalyst Converter
MALO 28005 Engine Mounting
ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 28005 Gasket, carburetor flange
ASMET 28.005 Exhaust Pipe
FISPA 2.8005 Control Valve, compressor