Main information about car part SPIDAN 28102
Producer SPIDAN
Number 28102
Group Propshaft, axle drive
Description Propshaft, axle drive
Selector-/Gear Lever
EAN 4019064649342
Car models which SPIDAN 28102 is suitable for
NISSAN CABSTAR 35.15   (2006-)
NISSAN CABSTAR 45.15   (2006-)
RENAULT TRUCKS Maxity 150.35   (2007-)
RENAULT TRUCKS Maxity 150.45   (2007-)
TOYOTA AVENSIS Station Wagon  
Analogue of SPIDAN 28102
NISSAN NISSAN 37000MB921 37000MB921 Propshaft, axle drive
RENAULT RENAULT 5001870976 5001870976 Propshaft, axle drive
RENAULT TRUCKS RENAULT TRUCKS 5001870976 5001870976 Selector-/Gear Lever
SPICER SPICER D-10224-00 D1022400 Selector-/Gear Lever
The other parts with the same number "28102"
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WALKER 28102 Catalyst Converter
LEMFORDER 28102 Track Control Arm
FONOS 28102 Catalyst Converter
FACET 2.8102 Distributor Cap
DINEX 28102 Flexible Pipe, exhaust system
ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 28102 Mounting, radiator
WAIGLOBAL 28-102 Rotor, alternator