Main information about car part SPIDAN 28119
Producer SPIDAN
Number 28119
Group Propshaft, axle drive
Description Propshaft, axle drive
Holder, exhaust system; Mounting, manual transmission; Selector-/Gear Lever; Sensor, crankshaft pulse; Suspension, drive shaft; cardan shaft
EAN 4019064678335
Car models which SPIDAN 28119 is suitable for
AUDI Q7 3.6 FSI   (2006-2010)
AUDI Q7 4.2 FSI   (2006-2010)
Analogue of SPIDAN 28119
AUDI AUDI 7L8521102D 7L8521102D cardan shaft
AUDI AUDI 7L8521102F 7L8521102F Propshaft, axle drive
AUDI AUDI 7L8521102M 7L8521102M Propshaft, axle drive
FARE SA FARE SA 13992 13992 Holder, exhaust system
FEBI BILSTEIN FEBI BILSTEIN 28119 28119 Sensor, crankshaft pulse
METALCAUCHO METALCAUCHO 06721 06721 Selector-/Gear Lever
MEYLE MEYLE 100 151 0200/S 1001510200S Mounting, manual transmission
ORIGINAL IMPERIUM ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 37578 37578 Suspension, drive shaft
SEAT SEAT 7L8521102M 7L8521102M Suspension, drive shaft
SKODA SKODA 7L8521102M 7L8521102M Suspension, drive shaft
STC STC T406721 T406721 Selector-/Gear Lever
VAG VAG 7L8521102F 7L8521102F Propshaft, axle drive
VW VW 7L8521102M 7L8521102M Suspension, drive shaft
The other parts with the same number "28119"
ACDELCO 28119 Rotor, alternator
RAPRO 28119
IMPERGOM 28119 Package pylnikovrubber
OSSCA 28119 Selector Lever Module, transmission shift
SUPLEX 28119 Coil Spring
WALKER 28119 Catalyst Converter
LEMFORDER 28119 Track Control Arm
FEBI BILSTEIN 28119 Sensor, crankshaft pulse
FONOS 28119 Catalyst Converter
DINEX 28119 Exhaust Pipe
ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 28119 Bellow, driveshaft
WAIGLOBAL 28-119 Coil