Main information about car part SPIDAN 42503
Producer SPIDAN
Number 42503
Group Accelerator Cable
Description Accelerator Cable
Cable, manual transmission; Electric Kit, towbar; Fuel Supply Module
Car models which SPIDAN 42503 is suitable for
ALFA ROMEO 75 1.8 (162.B1L, 162.B1F)   (1988-1992)
ALFA ROMEO 90 2.0 i.e. (162.A2A, 162.A2E)   (1984-1987)
ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA 2.0 (116.55F, 116.56F, 116.55N, 116.56N)   (1978-1984)
ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA 2.0 TD   (1983-1985)
Analogue of SPIDAN 42503
A.B.S. A.B.S. K30040 K30040 Accelerator Cable
ALFA ROMEO ALFA ROMEO 117014405011 117014405011 Accelerator Cable
ALFA ROMEO ALFA ROMEO 117014405102 117014405102 Accelerator Cable
ALFA ROMEO ALFA ROMEO 60523120 60523120 Accelerator Cable
BOSAL BOSAL 010-309 010309 Electric Kit, towbar
BROVEX-NELSON BROVEX-NELSON 22.3060 223060 Accelerator Cable
CABOR CABOR 253.11 25311 Accelerator Cable
CEF CEF AR04111 AR04111 Accelerator Cable
KAGER KAGER 19-3332 193332 Accelerator Cable
KAWE KAWE 22.3060 223060 Cable, manual transmission
KAWE KAWE AR04111 AR04111 Accelerator Cable
METALCAUCHO METALCAUCHO 84044 84044 Cable, manual transmission
OPTIMAL OPTIMAL GK-1003 GK1003 Cable, manual transmission
PEX PEX 130003 130003 Fuel Supply Module
REMKAFLEX REMKAFLEX 22.3060 223060 Accelerator Cable
STC STC T484044 T484044 Cable, manual transmission
The other parts with the same number "42503"
A.B.S. 42503 Brake Shoe Set
BREMS.-U.KUPPL.TEILE 42503 Brake Shoe Set
MAGNETI MARELLI 42503 Combination Rearlight
OJD (QUICK BRAKE) 42503 Brake Hose
LUCAS ELECTRICAL 42503 Distributor, ignition
WIX FILTERS 42503 Air Filter
GABRIEL 42503 Shock Absorber
FEBI BILSTEIN 42503 Control Arm-/Trailing Arm Bushing
BRECAV 42.503 Ignition Cable Kit