Main information about car part SPIDAN 42867
Producer SPIDAN
Number 42867
Group Accelerator Cable
Description Accelerator Cable
Air Spring, suspension; Cable, manual transmission
Car models which SPIDAN 42867 is suitable for
MAZDA 626 III 2.0   (1987-1990)
MAZDA 626 III Coupe 2.0 12V   (1987-1988)
MAZDA 626 III Hatchback 2.0   (1987-1990)
Analogue of SPIDAN 42867
A.B.S. A.B.S. K33110 K33110 Accelerator Cable
BROVEX-NELSON BROVEX-NELSON 80.3070 803070 Accelerator Cable
DIPASPORT DIPASPORT SSB2716GN SSB2716GN Air Spring, suspension
DIPASPORT DIPASPORT SSB2727HN SSB2727HN Air Spring, suspension
KAWE KAWE 80.3070 803070 Cable, manual transmission
MAZDA MAZDA GL8241660 GL8241660 Accelerator Cable
MAZDA MAZDA GL8241660A GL8241660A Accelerator Cable
MAZDA MAZDA GL8241660B GL8241660B Accelerator Cable
OPTIMAL OPTIMAL GK-1552 GK1552 Cable, manual transmission
REMKAFLEX REMKAFLEX 80.3070 803070 Accelerator Cable
The other parts with the same number "42867"
WIX FILTERS 42867 Air Filter
GABRIEL 42867 Shock Absorber
FEBI BILSTEIN 42867 Anti-roll Bar Bushing Kit