Main information about car part SPIDAN 42942
Producer SPIDAN
Number 42942
Group Accelerator Cable
Description Accelerator Cable
Air Spring, suspension; Cable, manual transmission; Window Winder
Analogue of SPIDAN 42942
A.B.S. A.B.S. K30080 K30080 Accelerator Cable
ALFA ROMEO ALFA ROMEO 60537971 60537971 Accelerator Cable
DIPASPORT DIPASPORT SSB2728HN SSB2728HN Air Spring, suspension
EQUAL QUALITY EQUAL QUALITY 010321 010321 Window Winder
FIAT FIAT 60537971 60537971 Accelerator Cable
KAGER KAGER 19-3469 193469 Accelerator Cable
LPR LPR C0100A C0100A Accelerator Cable
MALO MALO 22686 22686 Accelerator Cable
METALCAUCHO METALCAUCHO 80500 80500 Cable, manual transmission
PEX PEX 130013 130013 Accelerator Cable
REMKAFLEX REMKAFLEX 22.3100 223100 Accelerator Cable
STC STC T480500 T480500 Cable, manual transmission
TRISCAN TRISCAN 8140 12304 814012304 Accelerator Cable
The other parts with the same number "42942"
RHIAG 42942 Heat Exchanger, interior heating
WIX FILTERS 42942 Air Filter
GABRIEL 42942 Shock Absorber
KOLBENSCHMIDT 42942 Piston Ring