Main information about car part SPIDAN 43100

Producer SPIDAN
Number 43100
Group Accelerator Cable
Description Accelerator Cable
Shock Absorber
Cross numbers FIAT 4413988
FIAT 7625267
KAWE FA04114

Car models which SPIDAN 43100 is suitable for

REGATA saloon 1983-1990
REGATA Weekend estate 1983-1991

Analogue spare parts of SPIDAN 43100

BROVEX-NELSON Accelerator Cable
CABOR Accelerator Cable
CEF Accelerator Cable
FIAT Accelerator Cable
FIAT Accelerator Cable
KAGER Accelerator Cable
KAWE Accelerator Cable
MAXGEAR Shock Absorber
REMKAFLEX Accelerator Cable

The other parts with the same number "43100"

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