Main information about car part SPIDAN 43150
Producer SPIDAN
Number 43150
Group Accelerator Cable
Description Accelerator Cable
Cable, manual transmission; Clutch, radiator fan; Gas rope; Wheel Bearing Kit; Wing
Car models which SPIDAN 43150 is suitable for
Analogue of SPIDAN 43150
A.B.S. A.B.S. K33220 K33220 Accelerator Cable
ADRIAUTO ADRIAUTO 280319 280319 Gas rope
BROVEX-NELSON BROVEX-NELSON 74.3020 743020 Accelerator Cable
CAUTEX CAUTEX 069030 069030 Accelerator Cable
CEF CEF NI04102 NI04102 Accelerator Cable
IPD IPD 30-2013 302013 Wheel Bearing Kit
KAGER KAGER 19-3656 193656 Accelerator Cable
KAWE KAWE 74.3020 743020 Cable, manual transmission
KAWE KAWE NI04102 NI04102 Accelerator Cable
MALO MALO 22994 22994 Accelerator Cable
METALCAUCHO METALCAUCHO 84777 84777 Cable, manual transmission
NISSAN NISSAN 1820181N00 1820181N00 Accelerator Cable
NISSAN NISSAN 1820199J02 1820199J02 Accelerator Cable
OPTIMAL OPTIMAL GK-1512 GK1512 Cable, manual transmission
PEX PEX 130148 130148 Accelerator Cable
REMKAFLEX REMKAFLEX 74.3020 743020 Accelerator Cable
SEIM SEIM 710001 710001 Accelerator Cable
SEIM SEIM 710008 710008 Accelerator Cable
SOMORA SOMORA 280301 280301 Wing
STC STC T484777 T484777 Cable, manual transmission
TOPRAN TOPRAN 302 006 302006 Clutch, radiator fan
TRISCAN TRISCAN 8140 14301 814014301 Accelerator Cable
The other parts with the same number "43150"
FEBI BILSTEIN 43150 Tie Rod End
MOTIP 43150 Vehicle combination paint
AHE 43150 Condenser, air conditioning
KOLBENSCHMIDT 43150 Piston Ring
ATI 43150 Drive Shaft
4SEASONS 43150 Condenser, air conditioning
BREMS.-U.KUPPL.TEILE 43150 Brake Shoe Set
TIMKEN 43150 Ball Joint
MTS 43150 Catalyst Converter
INTERMOTOR 43150 Condenser, air conditioning
STANDARD 43150 Condenser, air conditioning
MAPCO 43150 Pulley, alternator