Main information about car part SPIDAN 444935
Producer SPIDAN
Number 444935
Group Accelerator Cable
Description Accelerator Cable
Cable, manual transmission; Small End Bushing, connecting rod
Car models which SPIDAN 444935 is suitable for
SKODA FELICIA I 1.6 LX   (1995-1998)
SKODA FELICIA I Estate 1.6 GLX   (1995-1998)
SKODA FELICIA I Fun 1.6   (1997-2002)
VOLKSWAGEN CADDY II Pickup 1.6   (1996-2000)
Analogue of SPIDAN 444935
A.B.S. A.B.S. K37500 K37500 Accelerator Cable
BROVEX-NELSON BROVEX-NELSON 62.3125 623125 Accelerator Cable
KAWE KAWE 62.3125 623125 Cable, manual transmission
LPR LPR C0109A C0109A Accelerator Cable
MALO MALO 21115 21115 Accelerator Cable
OPTIMAL OPTIMAL GK-1458 GK1458 Cable, manual transmission
PEX PEX 130498 130498 Accelerator Cable
REMKAFLEX REMKAFLEX 62.3125 623125 Accelerator Cable
SKODA SKODA 6U0721555A 6U0721555A Accelerator Cable
VOLKSWAGEN VOLKSWAGEN 6U0721555A 6U0721555A Accelerator Cable
VOLVO VOLVO 470304 470304 Small End Bushing, connecting rod
VW VW 6U0721555A 6U0721555A Accelerator Cable
The other parts with the same number "444935"
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