Main information about car part SPIDAN 49666
Producer SPIDAN
Number 49666
Group Coil Spring
Description Coil Spring
Exhaust Pipe; Spring, exhaust pipe; Wheel Bearing Kit
EAN 4019064714170
Car models which SPIDAN 49666 is suitable for
HONDA PRELUDE IV 2.0 i 16V (BB3)   (1992-1996)
Analogue of SPIDAN 49666
ASHUKI ASHUKI H995-29S H99529S Coil Spring
BOGE BOGE 25-F22-0 25F220 Coil Spring
BOGE BOGE 81-316-1 813161 Coil Spring
CS GERMANY CS GERMANY 14.872.602 14872602 Coil Spring
DIEDERICHS DIEDERICHS 9984227 9984227 Coil Spring
HONDA HONDA 51401-SS0-G01 51401SS0G01 Coil Spring
KAGER KAGER 84-1333 841333 Coil Spring
KAWE KAWE 14081 14081 Wheel Bearing Kit
KAYABA KAYABA RD1421 RD1421 Coil Spring
KILEN KILEN 14081 14081 Coil Spring
KYB KYB RD1421 RD1421 Coil Spring
LESJOFORS LESJOFORS 4035714 4035714 Coil Spring
MAN MAN 81.15204.0138 81152040138 Exhaust Pipe
MAXTRAC MAXTRAC MC4227 MC4227 Coil Spring
METZGER METZGER 2240850 2240850 Coil Spring
MONROE MONROE SP0321 SP0321 Coil Spring
NIPPARTS NIPPARTS N5544114 N5544114 Coil Spring
OPTIMAL OPTIMAL AF-2204 AF2204 Coil Spring
POLCAR POLCAR SU11058 SU11058 Spring, exhaust pipe
ROC ROC CS1411 CS1411 Coil Spring
SACHS SACHS 997 778 997778 Coil Spring
SUPLEX SUPLEX 11058 11058 Coil Spring
TRISCAN TRISCAN 8750 4055 87504055 Coil Spring
The other parts with the same number "49666"
A.B.S. 49666 Track Control Arm
FEBI BILSTEIN 49666 Air Filter
WIX FILTERS 49666 Air Filter
MAPCO 49666 Track Control Arm
SIDEM 49666 Link Stabilizer
DINEX 49666 Exhaust Pipe
ERF 49666 Wheel Bearing