Main information about car part SPIDAN 49688
Producer SPIDAN
Number 49688
Group Coil Spring
Description Coil Spring
Brake Pad Set, disc brake; Connective rack ofstabilizer; Link Stabilizer; Shock Absorber; Spring, exhaust pipe; V-Belt; Water Pump
EAN 4019064714385
Car models which SPIDAN 49688 is suitable for
MAZDA 626 V 1.8   (1999-2002)
MAZDA 626 V 2.0   (1998-2002)
MAZDA 626 V 2.0   (1997-2002)
MAZDA 626 V Hatchback 1.8   (1999-2002)
Analogue of SPIDAN 49688
A.B.S. A.B.S. 37260 37260 Brake Pad Set, disc brake
ASHUKI ASHUKI M996-03 M99603 Coil Spring
AUDI AUDI 8A0505465C 8A0505465C Link Stabilizer
AUDI AUDI 8D0505465 8D0505465 Link Stabilizer
BLUE PRINT BLUE PRINT ADM588339 ADM588339 Coil Spring
BOGE BOGE 81-180-1 811801 Coil Spring
CS GERMANY CS GERMANY 14.872.408 14872408 Coil Spring
FORTUNA LINE FORTUNA LINE Z7508 Z7508 Link Stabilizer
G.U.D G.U.D GCS055423 GCS055423 Coil Spring
JAPCAR JAPCAR J6A000 J6A000 Link Stabilizer
JP GROUP JP GROUP 1150500579 1150500579 Link Stabilizer
KAGER KAGER 260006 260006 V-Belt
KAYABA KAYABA RD2405 RD2405 Coil Spring
KILEN KILEN 16003 16003 Coil Spring
KYB KYB RD2405 RD2405 Coil Spring
KYB KYB RD2408 RD2408 Coil Spring
LEMFORDER LEMFORDER I14595 I14595 Connective rack ofstabilizer
LEMFORDER LEMFORDER LMI14595 LMI14595 Connective rack ofstabilizer
LESJOFORS LESJOFORS 4055423 4055423 Coil Spring
MAGNETI MARELLI MAGNETI MARELLI 600000134000 600000134000 Coil Spring
MAZDA MAZDA GG2M-34-011 GG2M34011 Coil Spring
MAZDA MAZDA GG2M-34-011A GG2M34011A Coil Spring
METZGER METZGER 6513 6513 Link Stabilizer
MEYLE MEYLE 1160608295 1160608295 Link Stabilizer
MONROE MONROE SP1367 SP1367 Coil Spring
MONROE MONROE SP1374 SP1374 Coil Spring
NIPPARTS NIPPARTS N5543026 N5543026 Coil Spring
OCAP OCAP 592099 592099 Link Stabilizer
OE OE 1160608295 1160608295 Link Stabilizer
OE OE 4707015036P 4707015036P Link Stabilizer
OE OE 8A0505465C 8A0505465C Link Stabilizer
OE OE LUBKIO02LS02 LUBKIO02LS02 Link Stabilizer
OE OE OC592099 OC592099 Link Stabilizer
OE OE QLS3178S QLS3178S Link Stabilizer
OE OE TUPFF3104 TUPFF3104 Link Stabilizer
OPTIMAL OPTIMAL AF-2577 AF2577 Coil Spring
PEX PEX 1205362 1205362 Link Stabilizer
POLCAR POLCAR SU17060 SU17060 Spring, exhaust pipe
ROC ROC CS3551 CS3551 Coil Spring
SACHS SACHS 110 151 110151 Shock Absorber
SACHS SACHS 850 084 850084 Water Pump
SACHS SACHS 997 689 997689 Coil Spring
SUPLEX SUPLEX 17060 17060 Coil Spring
TRISCAN TRISCAN 8750 5035 87505035 Coil Spring
VAG VAG 8A0 505 465C 8A0505465C Link Stabilizer
VAG VAG 8D0 505 465 8D0505465 Link Stabilizer
The other parts with the same number "49688"
A.B.S. 49688 Link Stabilizer
DINEX 49688 Exhaust Pipe
HAZET 49688
FEBI BILSTEIN 49688 Deflection/Guide Pulley, v-ribbed belt
MAPCO 49688 Link Stabilizer
MOTORAD 496-88 Thermostat, coolant