Main information about car part UNIGOM 382101

Producer UNIGOM
Number 382101
Group Suspension, drive shaft
Description Suspension, drive shaft
Joint, propshaft; Mounting, differential; Propshaft, axle drive
Cross numbers BIRTH 5034
FIAT 55222107

Car models which UNIGOM 382101 is suitable for

PANDA hatchback 2003-...
PANDA Van box body / estate 2004-...

Analogue spare parts of UNIGOM 382101

BIRTH Suspension, drive shaft
CIFAM Joint, propshaft
DEPA Propshaft, axle drive
FEBI BILSTEIN Mounting, differential
FIAT Propshaft, axle drive
FIAT Propshaft, axle drive
FIAT Propshaft, axle drive
GENERAL RICAMBI Propshaft, axle drive
METELLI Joint, propshaft
ODM-MULTIPARTS Propshaft, axle drive
SPIDAN Propshaft, axle drive
SWAG Mounting, differential

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